Canada Labour Code, Parts I, II and III

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Order No.: 11192-U



Canada Labour Code

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Air Line Pilots Association, International,


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WestJet Encore Ltd.,

Calgary, Alberta


WHEREAS the Canada Industrial Relations Board (the Board) has received an application for certification pursuant to section 24 of the Canada Labour Code (Part I–Industrial Relations) (the Code) from the applicant seeking certification as bargaining agent for a unit of employees of WestJet Encore Ltd.;

AND WHEREAS, following investigation of the application and consideration of the submissions of the parties concerned, the Board has found the applicant to be a trade union within the meaning of the Code, has determined the unit described hereunder to be appropriate for collective bargaining and is satisfied that a majority of the employees of the employer in the unit wish to have the applicant trade union represent them as their bargaining agent.

NOW, THEREFORE, it is ordered by the Canada Industrial Relations Board that the Air Line Pilots Association, International be, and it is hereby certified to be, the bargaining agent for a unit comprising:


all pilots employed by WestJet Encore Ltd. excluding managers, S3, standards crew management, chief pilot, directors, supervisors and those above the rank of supervisor.

ISSUED at Ottawa, this 29th day of November, 2017, by the Canada Industrial Relations Board.

Annie G. Berthiaume


Reference: File No. 32348-C

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