Canada Labour Code, Parts I, II and III

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Order No.: 11138-U

Supercedes: 11011-U


Canada Labour Code

- and -

Vancouver International Airport Authority,

Richmond, British Columbia,



- and -

Public Service Alliance of Canada,


certified bargaining agent.


WHEREAS the Canada Industrial Relations Board (the Board), by order no. 11011-U dated May 20, 2016, certified the Public Service Alliance of Canada as the bargaining agent for a unit of employees of the Vancouver International Airport Authority;

AND WHEREAS the Board has received an application from the applicant, pursuant to section 18 of the Canada Labour Code (Part I–Industrial Relations) (the Code), seeking to amend the said order by adding the position of Manager, Enterprise Risk Management to the list of positions excluded from the bargaining unit and to update certain position titles;

AND WHEREAS the certified bargaining agent is not opposed to this application;

AND WHEREAS, following investigation of the application and consideration of the submissions of the parties concerned, the Board has determined that it is appropriate to grant the application;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Board hereby declares that the Public Service Alliance of Canada is the bargaining agent for a bargaining unit comprising:


all employees of the Vancouver International Airport Authority and YVR Project Management Ltd. excluding:

- President and Chief Executive Officer

- Senior Vice-President, Strategy and CFO

- Vice-President, Operations and Maintenance

- Vice-President, IT and Chief Digital Officer

- Vice-President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

- Vice-President, Engineering and Environment

- Vice-President, Commercial Development

- Vice-President, Human Resources and Supply Management

- Vice-President, Marketing and Communications

- Director, Priorities and Planning Office

- Director Internal Audit

- Internal Auditor

- Director, Corporate Finance

- Manager, Corporate Finance

- Director, Finance and ControlIer

- Director, Finance

- Manager, Enterprise Risk Management

- Manager, Financial Reporting

- Manager, Financial Services

- Manager, Accounting Services

- Manager, Supply Management

- Director, Supply Management

- Director, Air Service Development

- Manager, Marketing

- Manager, Air Service Development

- Manager, Marketing – Asia

- Director, Commercial Services

- Director, Cargo and Business Development

- Manager, Land Development Leasing

- Manager, Sales and Services

- Manager, Commercial Leasing

- Director, Marketing and Communications

- Manager, Communications

- Director, Environment

- Manager, Environment

- Director, Legal Services and Legal Counsel

- Manager, Legal Services and Legal Counsel

- Legal Counsel

- Manager, Corporate Governance and Board Secretariat

- Manager, Compensation

- Human Resources Analyst

- Benefits and Compensation Accountant

- Payroll and Benefits Administrator

- Manager, Health & Safety


- Safety Advisor

- Director, Human Resources

- Human Resources Coordinator

- Human Resources Advisor

- Employment Advisor

- Manager, Organizational Change

- Director, Security and Emergency Planning

- Manager, Security Operations

- Manager, Security Programs

- Manager, Emergency Planning

- Director, Customer Care

- Manager, Customer Care – Guest Relations

- Manager, Customer Care Programs

- Manager, Airport Terminal Projects

- Manager, Engineering Planning

- Director, Airside Operations

- Manager, Airside Operations

- Manager, Operations Centre

- Manager, Airfield Maintenance Services

- Superintendent, Airside Vehicle Operations

- Manager, Emergency Services

- Manager, Operations Systems

- Manager, Technology Planning

- Director, Technology Services

- Director, Baggage Operations

- Manager, Technology Services

- Director, lnnovative Travel Solutions

- Manager, lnnovative Travel Solutions

- Manager, Corporate Systems

- Manager, Engineering Services

- Director, Engineering Projects

- Manager, Airside Engineering Projects

- Director, Capital Facilities Development

- Director, Facilities Maintenance

- Manager, Maintenance Services

- Manager, Maintenance Services/Plant Chief

- Superintendent, Facilities

- Director, Maintenance Planning

- Superintendent, Planning and Administration

- Superintendent, Airport South

- Manager, Commercial Services

- Manager, Technical Services

- Manager, Baggage Operations

- Executive Assistants

- YVRPM President

- YVRPM Executive Assistant to the President

- YVRPM Manager, Project Control


- YVRPM Safety and Security Coordinator

- Students.

ISSUED at Ottawa, this 10th day of May, 2017, by the Canada Industrial Relations Board.

Ginette Brazeau


Reference: File No. 32044-C

 You are being directed to the most recent version of the statute which may not be the version considered at the time of the judgment.